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Food Revue

A Technical Journal for Nutrition, Food Production and Trade   
Full-colour journal

Since the year 2004, Agral, s. r. o., a publisher of food industry printed periodicals issues for you a technical journal dealing with the issues of food industry and special activities related most closely to it. On one hand, it concerns the issues of human consumption that food industry functionally ensures and for which it is of crucial importance, including the issues of food quality, raw materials coverage and level of technological processes. On the other hand, it is a commercial network ensuring function of distributor of food products to final consumer. These social functions then directly relate to food industry research, system of technical schools and science. Also performance of state administration and elected bodies as well as professionally oriented organisations, including structures of European dimension, are very important for the whole field of food industry. The Journal contains technical contributions of leading experts from the following fields:

Human nutrition
Food industry science
System of technical schools specialised in food industry – trade schools, secondary schools, universities
Basic and applied research
Knowledge from food industry practice – equipment, technologies, quality, economics, commerce
Marketing and commercial networks
Raw materials for food industry, including additives and targeted processing aids
Machinery and equipment for food industry, technological processes
Packages, packing equipment and technologies
Food industry news from the world
Supervisory bodies for food quality
Food industry legislation

The aim of the journal Food Revue is to permanently offer space to experts from the above mentioned fields for publishing their opinions and a valuable technical information. In this way, to supply all workers in food industry, food trade as well as the whole sphere of suppliers and services in the whole sector of food industry with a new knowledge and information. At the same time, not to omit the readers entity of representatives of state administration and elected bodies, those orientation in such information can be advantageous for the whole sector.