Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Food Industry Newsletter

Newsletter containing current information:

- from the field of economics and commercial conditions of production and sales of food products,
- about legislative conditions of production, trade and circulation of food products, the label KLASA,
- about actions of state administration in the sectors of agriculture and food industry,
- about new technologies and equipment used during the production of food products,
- about trends directed towards food safety and quality,
- from the food policy of our country and European Union as well as of the world,
- about activities of the Chamber of Food Industries of the Czech Republic,
- about food industry shows and exhibitions in our country as well as in the world,
- about the systems of food industry schools, science and research, environment,
- from the life of communities and unions producing food products, organised by their field of profession,
- about leading personalities within food industry and trade,
- technical contributions and statistical food industry information,
- social column,
- advertisements and PR contributions. 

The Food Industry Newsletter attempts to reach the broadest community of businessmen and managers in food industry, trade with food products, food industry raw materials, food industry equipment and technologies, packaging and other material inputs in production of food products and services for food industry.

Subscribers of our Newsletter are Members of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and Senators of the Senate of the Czech Republic, our distribution also ensures deliveries of the Newsletter to the bodies of state administration, particularly to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.

Workers of commercial chains and other suppliers and sales people of food products who use information in the Newsletter for marketing purposes represent another important group of readers.

Some copies are subscribed by technical schools (trade schools, secondary schools, higher technical schools, colleges and universities) that use our Newsletter quite often as an educational tool.

Many copies are sent to Slovakia. We have our readers also abroad, for example our compatriots in the United States of America and Australia.