Sunday, January 24, 2021
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AGRAL s. r. o. - Publishing House of food periodicals in Czech Republic

Our company was founded in 1995. We publish Food Industry Newsletter, Food Revue and Newspaper of Butchers/Smoked Meat Products Producers.

Food Industry Newsletter is published since 2000. The Food Industry Newsletter attempts to reach the broadest community of businessmen and managers in food industry, trade with food products, food industry raw materials, food industry equipment and technologies, packaging and other material inputs in production of food products and services for food industry.

Food Revue is a technical Journal for Nutrition, Food Production and Trade we publish since 2004. The aim of the journal Food Revue is to permanently offer space to experts from the above mentioned fields for publishing their opinions and a valuable technical information. In this way, to supply all workers in food industry, food trade as well as the whole sphere of suppliers and services in the whole sector of food industry with a new knowledge and information. At the same time, not to omit the readers entity of representatives of state administration and elected bodies, those orientation in such information can be advantageous for the whole sector.

We aim to give our readers information relevant to the current situation in Czech Republic, European Union and in the whole world either and propagate new visions on trends of nutrition. By the same mail we give information about important economic and social changes and events in food industry included economic policy.